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Cookie Clicker Game

Cookie Clicker
  • Developer: Julien Thiennot
  • Genre: Incremental
  • Version: 1.45.30
User Rating: Rating 4.75

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Release Date
Aug 8, 2013
Julien Thiennot
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Control the Time Fun!

Cayden Norton

Cookie Clicker is a "time management" game released in 2014. The product has a very simple premise: a player has a set of cookie-making ingredients and he tries to increase the number of cookies he could bake. To do this, he must spend cookies on certain upgrades that will allow him to bake more. In the process, he could buy upgrades that will help him bake faster. As cookies are baked, they could be used to purchase upgrades, which in turn allows for more to be baked.


The graphics in the product are simple, with a small number of colors and a lot of white, light blue, and light green colors. There is also a variety of backgrounds, like the early stages of the product, which are mostly focused on the cookie, but then the backgrounds change into space, with stars and planets.


The gameplay in the game is simple: the player simply clicks the cookies and waits for them to cook, and then clicks them again, and so on. The product also includes a number of other features such as upgrades, achievements, and a number of other statistics. Check out more info on the website.


The product offers a multiplayer challenge for up to 10 players. The challenge lasts for a few minutes and is timed. It is played in a similar way, and the winner and the number of cookies and cash collected are shown.


The product offers a number of features to keep the player hooked and playing for hours. However, the gameplay is quite repetitive and could get boring quickly. The replayability of the product is therefore low.


  • How can I unblock the clicker game?
    You could find Cookie Clicker unblocked version on our website for free. This is one of the best puzzle games. It is a very addictive product and you will love to play this product. We also have a huge collection of games and all games are absolutely free to play. If you want to play more games then you could  read our blog. You will get a lot of information about games. You could also bookmark our website and stay with us. If you have any questions about this game or our website then you could ask us in the comment section. We will try to help you as soon as possible.
  • How do I play Cookie Clicker online?
    On Kongregate, playing Clicker is very simple. Just click the Play Now! button on this page, where you'll be presented with a choice of three servers. New players are recommended to choose the first server, as it is the largest and tends to have the most activity. After that, just click Play to be taken to the product page. If you have cookies, you could use the Buy More! button at the bottom of the page to purchase more, up to the maximum of 5,000,000. Any cookies you buy are shown in the upper left corner of the product me page.
    If you don't have any cookies, you could buy some with your kreds. Click one of the Buy Kreds! buttons on the product page, then select the number of cookies you'd like to buy. You could also purchase more by using your kreds directly on the game page.
    Once you're ready to start playing, click the Start Playing! button at the bottom of the game page.
  • How do I use Clicker on my mobile phone or tablet?
    To play Clicker on mobile, you need to use the Kongregate app. Just visit the Clicker page on your mobile device, tap the Play Now! button, and you'll be taken to the app. 
  • How do I Cookie Clicker download?
    Click the button below to go to the official website of the game. Download the game by clicking on the download button. Install the product on your computer or laptop. After the download is completed, open the directory. Double click the icon to launch the game. Two modes are available to play, one is Clicker Classic and other is Clicker New. If you want to play Clicker Classic mode then click on the button with the same name. Otherwise, click on the button with the name New Mode. New Mode is inspired by the game play of the famous product Clicker.
  • Why can't I use Cookie Clicker to play the free version?
    We use Clicker as a way to prevent bots from automatically signing up to our website. Unfortunately, it looks like your browser does not support the use of scripts, which is required for this site.
    In order to play Clicker, please follow the instructions below:
    • Make sure you have cookies enabled for this website.
    • Download and install a browser that supports JavaScript.
    • Try disabling them and refreshing the page.

     Upon trying all of these steps and still not being able to play Clicker, please contact support.


Clicker is an incremental product that is quite repetitive. The graphics are simple and the gameplay is repetitive. It has a multiplayer mode, but it is limited to 10 players. The game has a number of other features, but they are not particularly engaging. Cookie Clicker free is a game that is fun for a while but gets boring very quickly. Play Cookie Clicker game online for free right now!


  • It is quite addictive;
  • You could play Cookie Clicker game for free;
  • Is fun for a while;
  • Graphics are simple.


  • The gameplay is repetitive;
  • Is not very engaging.

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